Customizr v3.2.15+ is here ! What’s new ? 2   Recently updated !

The Customizr theme v3.2.15+ has cool new options like automatic drop caps, external links icons or Google fonts loaded in the admin editor. Thanks to our growing and awesome users community, we have been able to fix many bugs and issues. This is a safe update for child theme users. ↓ Download the .zip file Try it […]



What’s new in the Customizr theme v3.2.9, v3.2.10 ? 12

 Google fonts live pairing tool Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Global Settings   Upload a specific logo for the sticky header Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Header > Logo & Favicon Thanks to @rocco for this new feature!   Fixed bugs DateTime causing a fatal error for php version < 5.2.

WordPress Font Customizer 2.0.5 is here 3

WordPress Font Customizer plugin v2.0.5 is here This new release integrates many under the hood improvements.   The javascript User Interface in the Customizer has been made faster with a better Google fonts load time in the font picker preview. The main color has been changed to a flat design inspired blue (#27CDA5).   ↓ Download here



What’s new in Customizr v3.2.7 / v3.2.8 23

Many new options have been brought to the WordPress customizer allowing you to have more control on post metas and comment bubbles. The skin picker has been entirely re-built and is way faster than before with a better design. The theme is now partially translated into Korean. Developers : if you have been customizing the heading or […]

Customizr v3.2.5 is here.

Safe for child theme users.

= 3.2.5 November 15th 2014 =
* added (lang) Thai language (th), thanks to Wee Sritippho
* updated (lang) French translation
* improved (grunt) skin generation
* updated (css) rtl skins
* updated (css) set outline : none for Fixes a visual bug reported on Firefox.

Customizr WordPress theme v3.2.4 is here

Safe for child theme users, no need to adapt your existing code.

Quick changelog :


* added customizer : new header z-index option
* fixed Logo centered link bug fix. Added a clear both property to .navbar-wrapper
* fixed menu on tablets landscape, if menu was set to “open on hover”, submenus could not be revealed. Fixed by forcing the click behaviour if wp_is_mobile()
* improved front scripts concatenation boolean filter : ‘tc_load_concatenated_front_scripts’ default to true. js files can be loaded loaded separetely in dev mode Load bootstrap param not used anymore
* improved customizer sections for wp<4.0 : set conditional priorities ( based on is_wp_version_before_4_0) to reoder the section more consistently skin, header, content, footer….
* fixed Customizer frozen bug. case default control : falls back to no input attr if wp version < 4.0 because input_attrs() was introduced in 4.0
* improved customizer panels : remove useless check if wp version >= 4.0 new private property : is_wp_version_before_4_0
* added Grunt : dev mode, customizer control script is a concatenation of libraries and _control.js
* added Grunt : in dev mode, tc-scripts is a concatenation of main.js + params-dev-mode.js + fancybox + bootstrap
* added Livereload script loaded on dev mode TC_DEV constant is true added in customize_controls_print_scripts when customizing and in wp_head when live
* added Grunt : ftp push enabled for all files Grunt : tc-scripts.min.js concatenates params-dev-mode.js, bootstrap.js, jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.min.js, tc-scripts.js Grunt : tc-script.js jshint @to finish
* fixed menu : ‘tc-submenu-fade’ is applied if option ‘tc_menu_submenu_fade_effect’ is true AND ! wp_is_mobile()
* fixed TCparams (localized params) was not defined as a js var
* updated lang : pl_PL, thanks to Marcin Paweł Sadowski
* updated lang : de_DE , thanks to Martin Bangemann

New screenshot for Customizr v3.2.3

Customizr WordPress theme v3.2.3 : overview 7

This new version of the Customizr WordPress theme mainly fixes bugs reported by the user community in the forum, and following the v3.2+ important release. Images (including logo) issues when using the JetPack Photon module Enhanced high definition image support (Retina) Header : transparent background on scroll becomes optional Menu dropdown revealed in 100% height on responsive mode […]