Make the Customizr home slider season based

Compatbile with Customizr-Pro Hi, wouldn’t be cool displaying a different slider on the front page, depending on the season? That’s what you have to do: Create 4 sliders and name with the season’s names (lowercase) In Appearance -> Customize -> Content: home, posts, .. -> Front Page -> Slider Options Select a front page slider. […]

Make a Customizr slider display recent posts

In this post I will show you how to make the front-page slider display the last 5 posts tagged in with a certain tag. Steps: Follow just the #1,#2 and #4 steps of this tutorial. (In the snippet below we assume you’ve chosen “front-slider” to name your slider). The uploaded image, added to the slider, […]

Make Featured Pages titles linkable

If you want your featured pages titles be a link to the featured pages, this snippet is what you need. You do not need to copy both versions, choose the one you like best!   1) Javascript version Compatible with FPU plugin, FP plugin, Customizr, Customizr-Pro

Where to copy/paste this code? The simplest way […]

Post list thumbnails reordering in small viewports

3.1.* 3.2.* Nov 2014 update: Tested with WordPress 4.0 and Customizr 3.2.5 . Still works if you choose to display thumbnails on the left/right. Will not do anything if you display them on top/bottom. Basically ’cause the aim of this script, as you can see in the example pictures, is to avoid the alternation top/bottom, […]

Html entities and shortcodes in Featured Pages

Updated : Now compatible with Featured Pages Unlimited and Customizr-Pro Customizr by default doesn’t allow you to have HTML entities or shortcodes in Featured Pages text. This is a wise choice, because the text is trimmed by default to 200 characters. This means that you might risk to have an unclosed tag, which will result in .. a […]

Make the Footer ‘Sticky‘

3.1.* 3.2.* Cutomizr-Pro* Feb 2015 update: Handle wp-admin bar in js. Dec 2014 update: Fix some js typos. Dec 2014 update: CSS reduced, Javascript Code added . The aim of this snippet is to ensure the footer stays at the bottom of the window when your whole page content doesn’t reach the window height Sometimes […]

Dropdown Menu: On hover in portrait, on click in mobile

If you want expand submenus on hover all you have to do is to go in Customizr settings, Navigation, and select “Expand submenus on hover”. But what if you want to change this behavior just for the responsive menu? Then this snippet is what you’re looking for.

Where to paste this code? => in […]

Add new custom socials icons

Customizr provides a wide range of socials networks that you can easily activate from the customizer screen. You might want to add one, ore more, not included natively in the theme. In this case, that’s what you have to do:   1) Add them! Note : Tumblr now already included in the default Customizr social […]